Read Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son By Jess Chapter 85 (2023)

ValenPOV Chapter 85

Caught in traffic on the way to the council chambers , I tried to ring Everly repeatedly . Her anger was all – consuming , and I was now worried she would do something reckless . The traffic backed up only added to my anxiety . When her fury became too much through the bond , I found myself becoming angered by it .

Honking my horn , I tried to see around the cars ahead to see what was holding up traffic . Only then do I notice the police lights flashing and realize it was a damn accident . How , it is a straight stretch of road ? How did someone take out the only damn traffic light pole on the center median strip ? I shake my head , annoyed . Drumming my fingers impatiently on the steering wheel , I try to call her again , but n o answer . Yet her anger slowly simmered down as I felt her start to become overwhelmed .

Her emotions all over the place made me feel manic . I had been waiting for ten minutes , and we hadn’t moved an inch . However , when I felt through the bond she was moving further away , my heart raced , wondering where she was going ? Her anger had returned full force , maybe even angrier , and my heart raced and thumped wildly in my chest as panic set in . Sticking my head out the window , I see the tow truck start hauling the wrecked vehicle away .

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Surprisingly , the buffoon driver survived but was clearly intoxicated as he stumbled over his feet when I noticed Officer Derrick dragging him into his wagon’s back . Yes ! He is one o f my guys ! Sticking my fingers in my mouth , I whistled to grab his attention . He looks r up the line of cars backed up , and I open the mind – link . ” Clear the other side of the road . I need to get my mate , ” I tell him . He nods ,

jumping in his car before turning the sirens on and pushing into the oncoming traffic while workers tried to reove the busted light pole . Leaving his sirens on , I pulled into oncoming traffic that had moved to the shoulder of the road before coming up behind him . Following behind his car as he forced the traffic to move . Once I was on a clear stretch , he moved over so I could overtake him , and I pressed my foot down on the gas headed for the council chambers ,

yet the closer I got , the more I felt the need to keep going . Passing the council chambers , I do not see her truck parked and curse , knowing where she went . There was only one pack in the direction I felt the tether forcing me too , and that was Shadow Pack , her father’s pack . This woman would be the death of me .

She was going to give me a damn heart attack , I thought as I raced to get to her . Coming to the gated community , I slowed down when I noticed the guards weren’t posted like usual , and the boom gate was smashed all over the ground , splintered wood in chunks littered the road . Fuck ! Shaking my head , I head toward the packhouse . After a few more minutes of m e tearing up the streets I come to Alpha John’s street to find people lining the streets and all looking toward the packhouse . I soon find out why as people jump out of the way of my car before pulling up out front to find Everly , Ava , and John having a confrontation .


Border patrol shifted instantly , chasing after my car . I don’t stop . Instead , I navigated around the suburb I hadn’t been through in years . I ended up driving past my old street , which was a cul – de sac . ” Shit ! ” I cursed . Slamming my foot down on the brake , my truck came to a screeching halt before shoving it in reverse , making the border patrols chasing me skid along the road and scatter out of my way as I reversed back before spinning the wheel and flooring it again .

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* Howl’s rang out loudly , alerting pack members to the intruder , yet I was not an intruder but by birthright their true . Alpha . Driving up the street , I begin to slow as deja – vu hits me . The street looked the same , the houses precisely the same a s I pulled into the driveway and hit the brakes before smashing in the ass end of my father’s black Mustang parked in the driveway . My old beasty would have destroyed it , in some ways I wouldn’t have minded seeing my bullbar imprinted in its backend .

even . Never in m y life have I been so damn angry before . N o one , not even Valen , had pulled anger out of me like this . It briefly came to mind that maybe it was years of pent –

mood . Recognizing me or maybe recognizing my mate’s pack scent , scratch that , my pack scent , I was

she murmurs as I move toward her , her warriors following at my heels , ready to protect their Luna if needed . My father’s stomping footsteps could be heard from outside as he stomped through the house

? My border patrol said you smashed through m y barriers ? ” ” No , hello , father ? ” I ask , stopping at the bottom steps as he stomped down them to

Ava step out . Oh , was she a defiant piece of work , give him hell sis ! Ava waves her fingers at me , and I smirk as she strolls down the steps , slapping my mother’s hands away as she tries to stop her . Ava smirks like she had been waiting for this showdown all her life and wanted

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father’s car . He growls at her when she doesn’t listen . ” Sign the petition , dad , ” I tell him , diverting his attention away from her . He turns his head

when I didn’t move made his eyebrows rise and almost disappear into his hairline . Ava laughs , falling into fits of giggles holding her stomach , and my father snarls at her before nodding to one of his men . When I felt the strange tingling sensation rushing over me , he tried to use his aura on

my father t o look at him . ” Do not touch my sister , ” I warned him . When I see his hand reach for her arm , he freezes ,

before turning his back on me and heading for the steps . ” No , here will do , Alpha John , ” I tell him , and he stops . He turned slowly – on the step , and

our dirty laundry for the world to see , ” he growls , his eyes flickering black . I laugh and shake my head . ” What now I a m family ? Funny , last I checked , you shunned me and banished me from the pack along with your grandson , the blood Alpha’s son ! ” I tell him . H My father growls , his eyes darting around to his pack members who watched on .

the right thing and sign off on the petition , ” I tell him . ” This debate will not be settled in front of my pack ! ” he snarls , stomping back down the steps . ” You mean MY pack ? I am the rightful heir to YOUR pack !


my voice came out . Ava laughs , and my mother’s mouth opens and closes like a fish as she looks nervously between us . The sound of screeching tires and the roar of an engine tearing through the streets could be heard easily as the car drifted through the streets . I knew it was Valen . I could feel him getting closer to me through the bond , his panicked voice flitting through my head , wanting to know what was going on

You dare come here and threaten me , ” he growls . ” It’s not a threat , Alpha . Threats mean you can back out , and mere words , not actions . I intend to do what I say .

. I wouldn’t back down , not this time . I wasn’t a little girl anymore . I wasn’t a child , and one thing being on my own for s o long showed me is I didn’t need a pack t

, but as the rightful heir to this pack , I have every right to challenge you for MY title . Now sign the damn petition .

I see most of them are in agreement with my father , which just makes this even more disgusting . They were sheep , all of them . ” Misdoings ? They are rogue for having a fucking child , the same as


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