How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them? (2023)

Getting crushes are avery common thing in any stage of life. Getting your crush to like you back is something which you need to accomplish. To get your crush to like you back it is very important to make them aware of your feelings. There can be many ways to tell your crush you like them and you have got to choose the best way for you. First of all, you have to stop worrying about consequences of confessing them about your likings. Tell your crush that you like them without thinking what would be his or her reaction as you have got to care about only your part, not theirs. To know more about how to tell your crush you like them read this article.

How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them? (1)

Steps to Tell Your Crush You Like Them

1.) Give Hints to Tell Your Crush you Like Them

There are various ways to tell your crush you like them without telling them actually. You can give them various hints about your feeling towards them. When you need to tell your crush that you like them then there are various subtle ways which you can use to hint them about your likings. Few indirect hints which would hit your crush directly are given as follows.

  • Smile at Your Crush; Whenever you meet your crush you should pass a gentle smile to make them feel your happiness when you meet them. This will also help you to start a conversation with your crush.
  • Hold Eye Contact; Whenever in between you get to pass by your crush or whenever you talk to your crush then look your crush into the eye. Do not hesitate to hold the gaze with your crush. These signs would make your crush feel that you like him or her.

2.) Flirt with Him/her

Flirting will make your crush aware of your intentions. Flirting will also keep you out of the friend zone. To tell your crush you like them flirting is the best way. You can say them indirectly how much you feel for them and they will take it as a joke since you were flirting.

Once you know your crush’s reaction then you will get to know if they are interested in you or not. To flirt with your crush be playful and tease them a bit. If anything goes wrong you can apologize saying “sorry I am very bad at flirting”.

3.) Show These body Languageto Tell Your Crush you Like Them

Body language can tell a lot about your feelings to your crush. It is human tendency to give gestures and show body language according to their feelings. When you want to tell a crush you like him then you just need to hide your natural characteristics to let your crush know about your feelings. Few very common body language signs of liking are as follows:

  • Stand close to your crush to get their attention and help him feel your fondness for him or her.
  • Whenever talking try to keep your body aligned towards your crush. This makes a person feel that you are interested in them.

4.) Initiate Touch to Express How You Feel

Touch is a great feeling and it is hard to stay away from the person one likes. When you are talking to your crush or sitting near them then try to touch their hand in response to any question. You can even initiate the touch while greeting your crush. This will tell your crush that you are interested in them. Try to make physical touch whenever possible. If you are already friends then you can try hugging your crush when you both meet. It will not only give them a signal that you like then but it will also keep you out of the friend zone.

5.) Become Friends to Know Your Crush Better

When you will become friends with your crush then you will know them better. Try becoming friends first then more than that. Remember, the goal is not to get stuck in the friend zone. Do you know best friend makes best couple? Yes, they do, because they know each other very well. Try to become a good friend of your crush.

There are many ways to initiate a friendship, ask your crush directly for friendship. You can ask your crush’s friends to help you out in becoming his or her friend. Becoming friend will prove as an advantage for your relationship. It will also help you to stay closer to your crush and eventually make them like you back.

6.) Dress Up as Per Your Crush Likes

Dressing up good is important when you want to tell your crush that you like them. When you will dress for your crush do not forget to make them realize that his or her opinion on how you look is very important for you. To tell your crush you like them first make them feel that they are an important part of your life and their decisions matters for you. If your crush likes a particular dress very much or a particular color on you then try to repeat it to show him or her that you dress up good for him or her.

7.) Give Giftsto Tell Your Crush you Like Them

Gifts are a small bundle of joy and surprise. You crush will like getting gifts and it will also make them aware that you like your crush very much. Anything small can also be gifted it always does not need to be expensive. You can get your crush something which they are fond of. This will show them that you care and they might also feel your love for them. You can choose a gift according to your crush’s preference or whatever you want. A gift is a gift and it always makes the receiver happy.

  • If you want to gift a girl then there are a lot of options from heels to dresses to accessories. Girls have a lot of endless things to buy and a dress is always welcomed.
  • Gifting guys seem to be a tough task for many girls, click this to know how to select a gift for a guy?

8.) Help Aroundto Tell Your Crush you Like Them

Help your crush whenever they are in need. Since it’s your crush then it is obvious for you to keep an eye on them. Whenever you feel like that they are in trouble or facing bad mood then keep go to help them out. If there is any trouble then ask if you can help. If you see them sad then try to make them smile. Your efforts to make them laugh would be appreciated by your crush. They may feel good to have you around and who knows maybe your crush would also start liking you back.

9.) Write Notes or Letters

If still, your crush hasn’t got your clues then it is better to tell them directly about your feelings for them. You can tell your crush that you like them by writing notes or letters. Write a sweet note or letter to your crush about your feelings. You can even make a cute card for your crush tell them how you feel. It is probably a cute way to tell your crush that you like them. Do not panic waiting for your crush’s reply? Just write it in a simple manner to your crush telling him or her about your feelings.

10.) Tell Directly to Your Crush You Like Them

There is one other way and probably on of the best ways to tell your crush about your feelings for them. Plan a date with your crush and dress well. Use a good perfume and look and smell pleasing to enchant your crush with your charm. Choose a nice environment to tell your crush you like them. Do not rush into it let your crush get into the romantic mood of the environment and enjoy food together. Also meanwhile, keep on giving hints to your crush about your purpose. Once you feel that it is the right time then finally express your feelings to your crush. Do not worry about the answer before asking and accept whatever may come.


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