Chapter 59 - A Thousand Reasons To Be Sad! (2023)

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‘Sing and play music by himself?’

‘Does Jordan know how to play any instruments?’

Both Hailey and Tyler were stunned at the same time.

Tyler asked, “Hailey, can Jordan Steele play the piano or guitar, or any other instrument?”

Hailey shook her head. She had a piano at home, but she had never seen Jordan play it in the past three years.

Besides, she thought that Jordan was from a poor family in the countryside and didn’t have the chance to learn music due to financial constraints.

The superstar was surprised but pleased to hear his request. “Of course, you may do so. It happens that our pianist is tired. He can take a break now. Please come on stage.”

The superstar took the initiative to extend his hand to Jordan and pull him onto the stage.

“Everyone, let’s give him a round of applause, shall we?”

The superstar encouraged the fans to cheer for Jordan for fear that Jordan would get nervous in front of such a large crowd.

However, how could Jordan be nervous now?

At this point, his heart was already full of disappointment and sorrow.

Amidst the cheers of the audience, Jordan sat down in front of a piano.

He was thinking about what song to sing.

Although ‘Heartbroken’ was the song that fit his mood the best now, he didn’t want to sing it.

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The song would put him in a lowly position and give Hailey and Tyler a chance to mock him.

He chose to sing one of the most popular songs at the moment.

‘A Thousand Reasons to be Sad!’

The song’s title also had a different meaning—’There are a thousand reasons to be sad and losing you may not necessarily be the reason for my sorrow!’

Since the concert was drawing to an end, the lights in the arena were all switched on.

Both the stage and audience pit were brightly lit.

However, at this moment, the lights in the audience area went out again, and the spotlight was now on the stage.

Jordan pressed all his fingers on the white keys, played the root note with his left hand, and the treble clef melody with his right. His hand positions and posture were correct, and he was playing very fluidly.

As soon as the intro of “A Thousand Reasons to be Sad” started, the fans began cheering merrily!

Hailey was stunned after listening for a few seconds!

Hailey had learned how to play the piano since a young age and was very proficient in it. Hence, she could naturally tell the standard of Jordan’s piano-playing skills at a glance!

His posture was correct, his playing was clean, and his rhythm was accurate.

Jordan must have been playing the piano for at least three years to play the intro of this song so perfectly!

“Did he start learning piano only after we got married? Oh my God, he used to have so many errands to run every day, but he still has the time to practice the piano and play it so well! Damn it, Jordan, why didn’t you tell me you could play the piano!?!”

Hailey regretted the fact that she had found out that Jordan could play the piano only after they had gotten divorced.

After playing the intro on the piano, Jordan started singing slowly.

“The person I loved is no longer mine.”

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Jordan’s singing voice sounded completely different from when he spoke!

“Oh my God, why does it sound so pleasant!?”

Hailey and everyone else was stunned, and they soon gave a warm round of applause.

It was the superstar’s concert!

Others would seem like a joke when they sang at his concert!

It was just like performing a dunk behind Vince Carter and Zach LaVine!

They would be absolutely no match for him!

However, Jordan’s voice was melodious and made their eyes light up with joy, even though it didn’t necessarily surpass the superstar’s.

It was because Jordan’s vocal coach was Seth Riggs, the very same man who taught Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop,” as well as several other superstars.

Jordan learned to sing from him at the age of 6, so he was definitely an experienced singer!

Of course, at this moment, Jordan didn’t deliberately show off his singing skills and was merely following his heart as he sang.

“This time, my love will not last forever.”

“I can’t linger around any longer.”

“There are a thousand reasons to be sad, a thousand reasons to be sad… In the end, my love gradually turns stale!”

Jordan was still playing the piano during the verse.

However, when it came to the chorus, the drummers and guitar players started playing too!

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In fact, the superstar was even harmonizing with Jordan!

The entire performance was simply intoxicating!

“Oh my God…”

Hailey was mesmerized by Jordan’s singing, and she couldn’t believe that the man on the stage who was now in the limelight was her ex-husband!

He was the ex-husband that she and her family called a good-for-nothing!

“How is he… so brilliant?”

Only in that moment did Hailey realize that except for his destitute family background, Jordan was better than most scions of wealthy families in many other aspects, such as his personality, eloquence, upbringing, proficiency in arts, and mannerisms!

“There are a thousand reasons to be sad, a thousand reasons to be sad… In the end, I was forgotten in someone else’s story!”

After the song ended, the audience gave a thunderous round of applause!

Many people said that Jordan’s handsome looks, excellent singing, and brilliant piano-playing skills were all qualities that would make a wonderful star!

However, after Jordan finished singing, he walked off the stage without saying a single word.

However, he didn’t return to his seat and instead walked straight to the exit.


Unable to contain herself, Hailey shrugged Tyler’s handoff and rushed towards the exit to chase after Jordan.

In the last four minutes, she had already been head-over-heels mesmerized by her husband!

“Hailey!” Tyler also wanted to chase after her, but he was stopped by Victoria.

Victoria said, “Mr. Collins, the concert hasn’t ended yet. It’s not too late to leave after it’s over.”

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Tyler said anxiously, “Hailey has gone to chase after Jordan Steele!”

Victoria smiled and said, “So what? She has already said yes to your proposal. What else are you worried about? Do you think she will choose Jordan over you?”

Tyler chuckled and said, “Haha, I’m absolutely confident that I’ll beat Jordan. Okay then, I won’t chase after her.”

“Jordan! Hold it right there!”

Jordan was walking quickly, and Hailey scurried all the way to the exit, where she finally caught up with him and held him back.

Panting heavily, Hailey seemed a little disheveled, but she was still gorgeous.

After stopping, Hailey discovered that there were tears in Jordan’s eyes, which meant he had just cried!


Hailey leaped straight into Jordan’s arms!

The song that Jordan had just sung in front of 20,000 people touched her deeply because it was the story of their relationship!

Hailey could tell what it meant!

“Don’t do this. You’re going to become someone else’s wife soon.” Jordan gently pushed Hailey away.

Hailey asked with great devotion, “Silly, since you love me so much, why did you have to be so impulsive and divorce me back then?”

“I know, men can’t accept being made a cuckold, but not all men are qualified to initiate a divorce!”

Finding her to be absolutely ridiculous, Jordan said, “What kind of men are qualified and what kind of men are not?”

Hailey said, “Men who are wealthy and powerful have the right to, while men like you who come from a poor family should learn to tolerate such things. Jordan, if you had chosen to hold yourself back and take it that that incident had never happened, I… I would still be your wife now…”


What happened in Chapter 59 of Pride and Prejudice? ›

Darcy returns from Mr Bennet's library and sends Elizabeth to her father. He asks her if she is out of her senses (p. 303) to accept Darcy and is worried that she is making a terrible mistake. Finally Elizabeth manages to convince him that Darcy is truly the man of her choice.

What chapter does Mr Darcy confess his love? ›

Summary: Chapters 33–34

“My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

What does Elizabeth say to her father about her feelings for Darcy? ›

"None at all. We all know him to be a proud, unpleasant sort of man; but this would be nothing if you really liked him." "I do, I do like him," she replied, with tears in her eyes, "I love him. Indeed he has no improper pride.

What chapter does Lady Catherine confront Elizabeth? ›

Summary: Chapter 56

A week after Bingley and Jane become engaged, Lady Catherine de Bourgh visits the Bennets. The noblewoman wants to speak with Elizabeth and insists that they walk outside to hold a conversation.

What does Darcy admit regret over? ›

He walks away, and Elizabeth begins to read it. In the letter, Darcy again admits to attempting to break Bingley's romance with Jane, but he defends himself by arguing that Jane's attachment to his friend was not yet strong enough to lead to heartbreak.

What chapter does Elizabeth reject Darcy? ›

34 - Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth – “In vain have I struggled. It will not do.” (Basically says that in spite of his better judgment, he loves Elizabeth and wants her to marry him.” She refuses. Ch.

Do Darcy and Elizabeth ever kiss? ›

There were no kisses in Austen's novels, they argue, so why have Elizabeth Bennet locking lips with Mr Darcy, or Anne Elliot in the arms of Captain Wentworth? One academic is attempting to prove them wrong. Prof John Mullan, an expert on Austen, claims to have found a scene she wrote which hints at a passionate kiss.

Does Darcy kiss Elizabeth in the book? ›

In the daring Mr. Darcy's Kiss, Darcy blatantly ignores all rules of propriety when he boldly kisses Elizabeth Bennet despite her adamant refusal of his initial proposal.

Do Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy kiss? ›

Even in Andrew Davies' much loved 1995 TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice – the steamiest scene of which is Darcy's wet-shirted emergence from the lake and Elizabeth's alarmed look towards his crotch – there is one kiss between them, but it took 359 minutes of viewing to get to it.

Did Mr Darcy always love Elizabeth? ›

Darcy is attracted to Elizabeth early on, but he sees her as unfit socially as a wife; however his feelings for her are such that he decides to forgo convention to marry the woman he loves, fitting him into the mould of a Romantic hero.

Did Elizabeth fall in love with Mr Darcy? ›

She has found her true partner, with whom she can live at Pemberley, her true home. At the end of the novel, Elizabeth is the happy heroine, the centre of everything. She has not only changed herself through her newly found love for Darcy, but she equally has changed Darcy through his love for her.

Was Elizabeth attracted to Mr Darcy? ›

By the time Elizabeth arrives at Pemberley, she knows that Darcy is a good man, she respects his understanding and principles, and she feels “that to be mistress of Pemberley might be something!” (271), but she still does not like Darcy, nor does she feel any personal attraction to him.

How does Darcy propose a second time? ›

Answer: Darcy's second proposal to Elizabeth takes place in Chapter 16 of Volume 3 of the novel. After Elizabeth's first refusal, Darcy overcomes his faults and infatuation, he amends the damage he has done, by coaxing Bingley after all to marry Jane.

Who started the rumor about Darcy and Elizabeth? ›

It never says in the original book who starts the rumor, but it would be very easy for her start that rumor being so close to Lady Catherine (Darcy's aunt). I think it is apparent to anyone close to the party that Darcy pays close attention to Elizabeth, even from the beginning of the book.

What does Darcy say first attracted him to Elizabeth? ›

Darcy makes the importance of the verbal explicit at the end of the novel when he tells Elizabeth that he was first attracted to her by “the liveliness of [her] mind.”

What mental illness does Mr. Darcy have? ›

Darcy has social anxiety, but his family never encouraged him to overcome it and get to know people outside of their social circle, that could have resulted in his belief that he did not need to converse with anyone outside his class.

Did Darcy and Elizabeth have a baby? ›

Henry Fitzpatrick Darcy is the second child of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Bennet. He is the second child out of Mr. Darcy and Lizzy's four children, and the first out of two sons.

What is the famous line in Pride and Prejudice? ›

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife." "Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain.

What did Darcy tell Elizabeth in Chapter 58? ›

He tells Elizabeth that she was right to refuse him at his first proposal. He has memorised her reproofs to him and admits to having behaved terribly. Darcy acknowledges that he was spoiled as a child and almost encouraged to be selfish and overbearing (p.

How does Elizabeth hurt Darcy the most? ›

How does Elizabeth hurt Darcy the most? She charges him with acting in an ungentlemanly manner.

Did Darcy pay Wickham to marry Lydia? ›

Gardiner replies to Elizabeth that it was Darcy who found Lydia and Wickham, and Darcy who paid Wickham the money that facilitated the marriage. She drops hints that Darcy did so because of his love for Elizabeth. Elizabeth's surprise is immense, and she is unsure whether to be upset or pleased.

Why did Netflix cut the last scene of Pride and Prejudice? ›

So, to recap – the more sentimental ending was snipped out of the UK cut upon release because test audiences didn't like it, but retained for the US release in the hope of pleasing mainstream audiences, and then restored for a new UK re-release by popular demand because it turned out our lot did want to see it after ...

Who ends up with Mr. Darcy? ›

At the end of the novel, Elizabeth and Darcy get married and go to live at Pemberley, while Jane and Bingley move to an estate nearby. The other assorted family members gradually reconcile themselves to the relationship and in most cases, end up on friendly terms.

Why does Elizabeth marry Darcy in the end? ›

They marry for love, but not everyone has that luxury. Darcy marries Elizabeth because of her merits and his affection for her—instead of marrying to advance his career and economic situation, as Mr. Collins did.

How did Darcy and Elizabeth fall in love? ›

Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Darcy and it's love—oops, we mean hate—at first sight. While taking care of Jane at Netherfield, Elizabeth manages to make Miss Bingley jealous and Darcy fall in love with her, all without lifting a finger.

Is Mr. Darcy handsome in the book? ›

In Curtis Sittenfeld's new novel, Eligible, Darcy is introduced as “tall, dark, and handsome.” Arrogant and irresistible, Darcy has become one of the great sex symbols of our culture.

Does Darcy propose to Elizabeth twice? ›

Darcy proposes to Elizabeth for the second time during their walk in Chapter 58. After the first proposal, his feelings have remained the same, and he says so to Elizabeth.

Who first suspects that Darcy is in love with Elizabeth? ›

Charlotte happens upon the pair when Elizabeth is visiting the rectory in Kent. Mr. Darcy had come by to visit but when he realizes she is alone, he is incredibly awkward and leaves when Charlotte arrives. At this time, Charlotte declares that he must be in love with Elizabeth because of his actions and how he acted.

What is the age difference between Mr. Darcy Elizabeth? ›

In Jane Austen's classic novel, “Pride and Prejudice,” Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy have an age difference of approximately four years. Elizabeth is described as being twenty years old, while Mr. Darcy is roughly twenty-four or twenty-five throughout much of the novel.

Who first suspected that Darcy is in love with Elizabeth? ›

Caroline Bingley, of all people, knew possibly before even Darcy himself that there was an attraction. She recognised Lizzy as a rival for Darcy's affections early on and deliberately poked at it on multiple occasions, though in the end it could bring pain only to herself.

Is Mr. Darcy autistic? ›

Surprisingly, the last autistic character on Bottomer's list is Mr. Darcy. Whereas scholars see Darcy as shy, Bottomer believes that it “is not pride but subtle autism that is the major reason for Darcy's frequent silences, awkward behaviour at social events” (111). The analysis of Mr.

When did Darcy start liking Elizabeth? ›

But in the 2009 movie his first interest perked up the first time he saw her at Lucas Lodge. Then there were little things like when he helped her into the carriage, etc. that gave you clues as to how he was slowing falling in love. Maeliosa I'd say that for the two of them, affection started at the town ball.

Why does Darcy flex his hand? ›

Darcy flexing his hand over and over because it seems like a genius way to display his emotion and feelings toward Lizzy. However, that's actually far from the truth. In an interview with NPR, Matthew shockingly revealed the beloved hand flex was not planned; he did it reflexively.

Why does Darcy find Elizabeth attractive? ›

He first notices that her face is "rendered uncommonly intelligent by the beautiful expression of her dark eyes." As he listens to her conversations, he is obviously intrigued by her ability to express herself and tells her that she speaks "with great energy." Darcy is also drawn to Elizabeth's "light and pleasing" ...

Why does Darcy reject Elizabeth? ›

Darcy makes clear “his sense of her inferiority, of its being a degradation, of the family obstacle, which judgment had always opposed to inclination.” He also seems confident that she will consider it an honor to marry him.

Why doesn t Elizabeth like Darcy? ›

Because she is also proud, and does not like to be treated as inferior, she is offended when Darcy says insulting things about her family when he proposes to her. She is also still prejudiced by the way she believes Darcy has treated Jane and Wickham.

Who fell in love with Mr. Darcy? ›

Elizabeth was already very attracted to Mr. Darcy long before she saw Pembeley. But you have to admit stopping to tour the place she did help. But she would have never given up her ethics of marrying a man for pure wealth instead love.

Why am I in love with Mr. Darcy? ›

It's honour, kindness, and generosity that make us love Darcy. He protects his sister's reputation even as his own is being maligned. He has every reason in the world to dislike Wickham. The man tried to seduce his much younger sister and continually lies about Darcy.

What does Mr. Darcy say to Elizabeth at the end of the movie? ›

My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love--I love--I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

Was Mr. Darcy supposed to marry his cousin? ›

In Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice two cousins—Fitzwilliam Darcy and Anne de Bourgh—have been living with the prospect of an “arranged marriage” for years. In fact, they have been engaged since their infancy.

Who does Lady Catherine want Darcy to marry? ›

She is the sister of Mr. Darcy's mother, and she claims Darcy and Anne de Bourgh have been betrothed to one another since infancy.

Who told Lady Catherine about Darcy? ›

Her answer was that Darcy dropped a hint to Colonel Fitzwilliam, who then told Lady Catherine.

How does Darcy show his love for Elizabeth? ›

The arrival of Darcy himself further encourages Elizabeth's change of heart. Humbled by her rejection of his marriage proposal, Darcy has altered his conduct toward her and become a perfect gentleman. This courteous behavior both illustrates his love for her and compels the growth of her estimation of him.

How does Mr. Darcy offend Elizabeth when they first met? ›

Darcy offend Elizabeth at the first ball? He insults her father.

What did Darcy call Elizabeth? ›

Darcy and Lady Catherine generally refer to her as "(Miss) Elizabeth Bennet”, which makes the single time when Darcy calls her “dearest, loveliest Elizabeth” all the more powerful for its being the only such event in the entire novel.

What happens in Chapter 57 Pride and Prejudice? ›

Bennet shares with her a letter from Mr. Collins in which he cautions Elizabeth not to go forward with an engagement to Darcy against Lady Catherine's wishes. The exact opposite of Elizabeth, Mr. Collins has no independent will to act outside of Lady Catherine's stuffy social approval.

What happened in Chapter 60 of Pride and Prejudice? ›

Miss Bingley writes to Jane to congratulate her. Miss Darcy is overjoyed to hear of her brother's engagement. The Collins arrive at Lucas Lodge, anxious to avoid the storm of Lady Catherine's displeasure. Elizabeth is pleased to see Darcy tolerating Mr Collins and Sir William Lucas.

What is Chapter 55 about in Pride and Prejudice? ›

Bingley proposes to Jane and is accepted.

A few days later Bingley calls at Longbourn alone. Darcy has left for London and will return in ten days' time. He accepts an invitation for lunch the following day and arrives before the ladies are ready. Mrs Bennet rushes around in nervous anticipation.

What page is Chapter 58 Pride and Prejudice? ›

"I cannot give you credit for any philosophy of the kind.

What volume is Chapter 56 in Pride and Prejudice? ›

Volume Three, Chapters XIV and XV (Chapters 56 and 57) Summary Pride and Prejudice: AS & A2.

What happens in Chapter 54 in Pride and Prejudice? ›

At the dinner party, Bingley decides to take the seat next to Jane—just as he used to. Watching them, Elizabeth is sure that Bingley will soon propose. Bingley has come full circle and finally trusts his own decisions and emotions.

What happens in Pride and Prejudice Chapter 61? ›

Mr. Bingley and Jane buy property near the Darcys, as far away from the other Bennets as possible. Kitty improves by spending a lot of time with Jane and Elizabeth, and Mr. Bennet keeps her from visiting Lydia (who promises lots of dances and young men).

What happens in Pride and Prejudice Chapter 49? ›

Mr Gardiner writes that Lydia and Wickham have been found, but are not yet married. Mr Bennet realises that Wickham's acceptance of Lydia must have involved a large sum of money. Mrs Bennet is overjoyed that one daughter is at last to be married.

What is Chapter 39 in Pride and Prejudice? ›

Lydia tells them the regiment will soon leave for Brighton, and that she hopes to convince their parents to take everyone there for the summer. Lydia adds, with delight, that the girl Wickham was pursuing has left town, leaving Wickham available. Lydia is completely blind to the reality of Wickham's situation.

Was Elizabeth in love with Mr. Darcy? ›

She fell in love with him because of his love for her. Steffi Karyn wrote: "Elizabeth had known that Darcy was wealthy right from their first meeting at the ball where he said she was tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt him /end quote. I would like to remind you al..."

Why did Darcy fall in love with Elizabeth? ›

The “easy playfulness” of her manners is particularly appealing to Darcy, who, as we know, enjoys that quality in Bingley. He is attracted, in other words, not to her mere physical appearance as a sexual object but to the qualities expressed by that appearance, especially her animation.

What is Chapter 46 about Pride and Prejudice? ›

Summary: Chapter 46

Darcy immediately blames himself for not exposing Wickham, and Elizabeth blames herself for the same reason. She decides to return home immediately. After an apology to Darcy and his sister for breaking their dinner engagement, Elizabeth and the Gardiners hasten back to the Bennet home in Longbourn.

What volume is Chapter 51 in Pride and Prejudice? ›

Pride & Prejudice, Volume III, chapter 9 (ch 51)

What volume is Chapter 49 in Pride and Prejudice? ›

Volume Three, Chapter VII (Chapter 49) Summary Pride and Prejudice: AS & A2.


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