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Third Person's POV

Xander walked with his new mate, Allison to his room. He had to get himself away from Sabrina and definitely not have Allison regret picking a fight with the world's strongest female.

They walk in to his room, he gestures for her to sit down before he closes the door. Xander gives her bottled water before he takes one for himself, drinking half of it in one swig.

"I'm sorry you had to see that." Xander starts and Allison remains quiet, as if thinking about it.

"Sabrina was my chosen mate. We were not together very long and the time we were together, we had to deal with other things and not our relationship. She has a son, he's not mine but it feels like he is. I built a bond with him and I didn't even get to say goodbye." Xander explains.

"Why are you telling me this? I thought this is where you fuck my brains out and then mark me." Allison says, making Xander choke on his water.

"I don't care about your past, as long as it won't be a problem in our present. Now, are we going to do things the lycan way or are we just here to talk about you and your lost mate?" She asks. Xander gathers himself, what he was about to say would probably burn him in the later days but he was always an honest man.

"Why would you want to be with someone that is still in love with another woman? If I fuck you right now, I'll wish I was fucking her instead. I'll most probably hate it because you're not her but I mean if you're in to the whole meaningless sex thing, I'm not one to judge. It's just that, if you are going to be my mate then we will have to go through this in a different way. I want to respect you, value you because you will be my luna, the future mother of my children. I'm not one of those alphas that just use women as breeding tools, you are more than that even if that was your upbringing." Xander says making Allison to growl at his last comment.

"Yes, women in my pack are raised to submit to their male mates but you forget I am alpha born, my father did not want me to submit to just any Male." She says and Xander chuckles before looking her dead in the eye.

He walks toward her, gently wrapping his big hand around her skinny neck, bringing her up to her feet.

"You were raised to submit to a man. So, you want me to do to you what daddy does to other women? You want to abide by the same rules? Asking permission to speak? To breathe?" Xander asks as his thumb rubs her lower lip making her eyes dark with desire.

Yet he couldn't feel more empty. He could feel the sparks running through his arm when he touched her, the pull to kiss her and claim her was there but even his wolf was not in to it.

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"I am not your father and I never will be. My pack is different and that is what you will submit to. I want a strong woman who will lead a pack of strong women, be my calm not my storm. We do not throw tantrums when we don't get our way and I'm the alpha 24/7." Xander says before pulling away, making Allison whine at the loss of contact and closeness.

"Go, get back to your pack and tell your alpha that you found your mate. Pack your things and in two days I expect to see you at my border." He says before walking out of the room assigned to him wanting to breath, to think about this.

Sabrina was right, he has to do right by his pack. Losing her was like losing more than a limb and there is no way Allison could compare to Sabrina but he had to try, the pull would eventually be too strong to fight and he will give in to it. For now, he will have to take the two days to heal from Sabrina and losing Adrastos, his only son at the moment.

Walking around in circles waiting for his beta to get here, Xander bumps in to Maximus.

"Hey." Xander says planning to just walk past but Max grabs him by the hand to stop him.

"I don't see a mark on your neck." He says trying to hide a smirk.

"How is that any of your business?" Aiden says walking up to them. He won't say it but he felt bad for Xander even though he was the happiest man right now.

Xander walks away, not wanting to be part of this mate boy band.

"Who are you?" Max asks. Aiden walks closer to him, being taller, he looked down at Max.

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mortal now, I'm her forever." Aiden says to Max

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