A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (2023)

Happy holidays! Now that the holidays have arrived in Disney World and at Disneyland, it’s time to get that dose of cheer that only Disney holiday movies can provide!

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (1)

Happy Holidays from Disney World!

So we’ve scoured Disney+ for all the holiday movies you can watch right now on the streaming subscription service. So put on your fluffiest pajamas and slippers and curl up on the sofa with a warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa, and let’s get to it!

12 Dates of Christmas

ImagineGroundhog Day,but Christmas-themed and you’ve almost got the plot of 12 Dates of Christmas.The movie follows a young woman, Kate, who has a horrible blind date on Christmas Eve, and she gets forced to relive it over and over and over.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (2)


Yes, we know that almost sounds like a movie more suited for Halloween, but trust us — there is a perfect Christmas ending to this one. Plus it has Zack Morris as one of the lead actors. 😉

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Disney’s A Christmas Carol is the traditional A Christmas Carol story we all know and love, but Disney’s version stars Jim Carrey as the crotchety Ebeneezer Scrooge, Gary Oldman as his faithful employee, and Colin Firth as his cheery nephew.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (3)


Follow this star-studded cast as Scrooge follows the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future through a journey that will change Scrooge forever. This one is always a heartwarming tale, so it’s a must-watch for the holiday season.

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas is a direct-to-video sequel to Beauty and the Beast, and begins at a Christmas party at Beast’s castle after the spell on Beast has been broken. The film follows a story told by Mrs. Potts about the Christmas the year before — which means this film is basically an unseen tale that takes place during the course of events from the first movie.(Because seeing Beast in human form is kinda strange, right? It’s Beauty and the Beast. Not Beauty and the guy with nice hair formerly known as Beast!)

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (4)


So the story of this movie is that Belle is trying to bring holiday cheer to the castle, but Forte, the pipe organ, isn’t having it — he doesn’t want the curse broken because he’s happier as an organ. So he and Fife, a flute, do everything they can to ruin Christmas.

The Christmas Star

The late Ed Asner stars inThe Christmas Star as a two-time felon in prison for counterfeiting. He escapes from prison two weeks before Christmas dressed as Santa and hides out in a suburban neighborhood where two local children help him because they think he’s the real Santa.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (5)


Of course, this is a heartfelt holiday movie, so although he starts by taking advantage of the children’s kindnesses, he ends up learning about the true meaning of Christmas. It’s kinda like Bad Santa but for the whole family. This and Elf? Seriously, that man made an awesome Santa, didn’t he?

Frozen and Frozen 2

Okay, we know that maybe TECHNICALLY,Frozen and Frozen 2 aren’t exactly holiday movies, but they’ve got ice and snow — AND A SNOWMAN — and it makes us think of the holidays, so it totally counts. Plus they made a Christmas-themed short. Totally counts. We love watching the tale of two sisters, one cursed/gifted with ice magic and we will sing “Let It Go” and “Into The Unknown” along with Idina Menzel EVERY TIME.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (6)


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So, don’t @ us for including this in our holiday movie list. It’s a must for the holiday season!

Home Alone, Home Alone 2, and Home Alone 3 (…and the new one, too)

On the other hand, all theHome Alone movies are Christmas movies because they take place on Christmas. They’re all about a young boy who gets left behind on the annual Christmas vacation, leaving him to defend his family’s house (or New York City?) against burglars. What’s not to love?

These movies are timeless, fun, and perfect for family viewing on the holidays! Granted, the first two movies are connected, but the third has a completely different cast and story, so if you’re planning on watching it, you’ll want to know that! The NEW Home Alone, Home Sweet Home Alone, is another beast entirely.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (8)

Coming November 12th! ©Disney

It’s kind of a reboot, kind of its own thing. We won’t spoil it for you but we will say we were VERY confused how to feel with this one. The kid you’re supposed to be rooting for you kind of…don’t. At all. And the “bad guys” actually got our sympathy. Give it a shot too, but we’re sticking with the classic McCallister clan on this one.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

This one’s for the 90s kids who grew up with the TeenBeat posters of JTT on their walls! This comedy is about a self-centered college student (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) who only wants to get home for Christmas so he can get a vintage Porsche his father promised him.And he’s on a deadline, which means that when he wakes up in the desert penniless with just a few days to go dressed in a Santa suit, he has to figure out how to still manage to make that trip home.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (9)


The closer he gets to home, though, the closer he gets to what Christmas is really about. We mean, that’s what Christmas movies are ALL about, right?

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

The LEGOStar Wars movies are already known for the humor, so if that’s up your lane, you’ll need to check out theLEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.Rey must leave her friends to prepare for Life Day, which takes her on an adventure to further discover the Force. But she inadvertently gets sent on a time-traveling adventure, that brings her face to face with some of the most iconic characters of Star Wars. And it is HILARIOUS.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (10)


But will Rey make it back to her friends in time for Life Day? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

So how many versions of Charles Dicken’sA Christmas Carol can you watch this holiday season? As many as you want. AndMickey’s Christmas Carol features Scrooge McDuck (appropriately enough) as Ebeneezer Scrooge, with Mickey Mouse as Bob Cratchit. Talk about perfect casting.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (11)


Poor old Scrooge has some hard lessons to learn, though, and the story plays out with some of Disney’s most famous characters in these iconic roles.

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Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas is an anthology of three Christmas stories. One tale is about how Huey, Dewey, and Louie learn why the holidays come once a year. The second is about how Goofy and his son, Max, discover the spirit of Santa.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (12)


Finally, the film closes with Mickey and Minnie reenacting a classic Christmas story of giving. This one is sure to hit you in the holiday feels!

Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas

And if that isn’t enough to get your holiday spirits flying, you can also watch the follow-upMickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas! This anthology has Mickey, Minnie, and friends ALL stressed out about the holidays! First, a skating contest between Minnie and Daisy leaves the two friends jealous with hurt feelings. Then Huey, Dewey, and Louie try to figure out how to get on Santa’s good side by scheming.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (13)


Then Max finds himself embarrassed by his father’s silly holiday antics, followed by a story that sees Donald trying to resist holiday cheer. Finally, Mickey gets so obsessed with planning the perfect Christmas party that he ends up taking his frustrations out on Pluto (oh no!). Of course, in the end, everyone finds the true meaning and joy of Christmas.

Muppets Christmas Carol

Let’s just say we saved the best version ofA Christmas Carol for last, because let’s face it —Muppets Christmas Carol is still the same heartwarming story we know, but it’s got all the funny antics and humor of the Muppets, and it just WORKS. This is of the biggest holiday movies you’ll likely watch EVERY year, and we can’t say we blame you.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (14)


In this version, Michael Caine (yes, THE Michael Caine) is Scrooge, with Kermit as his humble employee. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be full of holiday joy by the end. Light the lamp, not the rat!


In Noelle, when Santa decides to retire, his son, Nick, is supposed to take over the family business. Except that Nick gets cold feet and goes missing! It’s up to Santa’s daughter to go find him on a hilarious mission, and ultimately, they all discover what Christmas is all about.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (15)


And if that doesn’t sound delightful enough, check out the star-studded cast: Anna Kendrick, Shirley MacLaine, Bill Hader, Julie Hagerty, and more.This is a newbie to the Christmas movie lineup but it’s a solid addition! Kids and adults can enjoy this ne.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

The classic balletThe Nutcracker is always a must for the holiday season, and the Disney filmThe Nutcracker and the Four Realmstakes that story and builds upon the fantasy. It’s actually a retelling of the short story that inspired the ballet and is about a young girl who is gifted a locked egg from her deceased mother.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (16)


This girl sets off on an adventure across a magical land to find the key. The cast features some pretty big Hollywood heavy-hitters, too, including Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy, Helen Mirren as Mother Ginger, and Morgan Freeman as Drosselmeyer.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

So maybe you could argue thatFrozen isn’t a Christmas movie, butOlaf’s Frozen Adventure is 100% Christmas-themed (told ya!), so it’s ALL about the holidays. Olaf is on a merry mission to save Arendelle’s holiday traditions and make a perfect Christmas for Anna and Elsa.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (17)


(Video) CHEF ADLEY feeds NAVEY!! Niko meets the Real Spiderman & Superhero Dinner! Disney Wish Family Movie

Josh Gad returns as the voice of Olaf, and that alone should put it on your “must watch” list.

One Magic Christmas

You want to get up in all your Christmas feelings? Then watch One Magic Christmas, which is about a little girl named Ginny Grainger. Ginny is a cynic and hates Christmas. But Santa sends a Christmas angel to Ginny and her family (who have been suffering from hard times).

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (18)


And yes, bring the tissues, because this one will make you cry as you watch Gideon try to convince Ginny that, yes, Christmas is real.

Prep and Landing and Prep and Landing: Naughty or Nice

The short film Prep and Landing is about a high-tech organization of elves called “Prep and Landing” from an elite North Pole unit that ensures that homes around the world are ready for Santa’s visit. But one elf, who’s been working for the unit for over 200 years, gets passed up for a promotion and ends up getting assigned to work with an idealistic rookie. Yeah, he’s not happy about that.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (19)


In the sequel, Prep and Landing: Naughty or Nice, Wayne and his idealistic rookie buddy are at it again as they go search for a kid who’s been hacking the North Pole. These are really cute and fun. Be sure to check them out!

Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish

Most kids might not remember Richie Rich, but the whole family will still appreciate Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish. In this story, Richie finds himself wrongfully accused of something he didn’t do, so he makes a wish that ends up trapping him in an alternate reality where everyone in town is suddenly against him and he’s no longer rich.(UGH. I mean, can’t we all relate to that? 😂)

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (20)


It’s up to Richie, his loyal personal valet, and a professor to make things right to save Christmas for everyone.

Santa Clause, Santa Clause 2, and Santa Clause 3

It’s Christmas Eve in Santa Clause (yes, with an “e”) when a man, Scott Calvin (Tim Allen), scares a strange large man in a red suit on his roof — the man falls and disappears, leaving behind his reindeer, a sleigh, and a suit with instructions. Wanna guess who the man on the roof was? Scott ends up donning the suit which lands him a brand new job — he’s now Santa.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (21)

The Santa Clause ©Disney

Santa Clause 2 and Santa Clause 3 continue Scott’s adventures as Santa, and all three movies are worth a marathon watch to get into the holiday spirit. Who doesn’t love Santa with a heavy hand of Home Improvement-stylejokes to go with him?

The Search for Santa Paws and Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

If you’re a dog lover, you’ll have to add these two movies to your watch list. InThe Search for Santa Paws, Santa arrives in New York City but loses his memory. It’s up to a puppers named Paws, an orphan named Quinn, and her friend Will PLUS a group of magical talking dogs (and that should immediately sell you on this movie) to save Christmas!

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (22)


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InSanta Paws 2: The Santa Pups, a brand new litter of talking and mischievous puppies must help Mrs. Clause to save Christmas when the Christmas spirit begins to disappear from the world.


In Snowglobe, Angela wants nothing more than to have a perfect holiday world like the one that exists inside a Christmas snowglobe. One night, she is magically transported to that world, and later learns that it was not a dream. She continues to return to that world over and over until she realizes that she’s having a negative effect on it.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (23)


Angela must do what she can to fix what she’s broken in that world while trying to find the magic in her regular life.

The Ultimate Christmas Present

In The Ultimate Christmas Present, two girls stumble upon a weather-making machine left behind by Santa. They use the machine to make it snow…in Los Angeles. Needless to say, chaos ensues and the result is that Christmas might just be ruined.

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (24)


It’s up to the girls to team up with Santa to save the day!

Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year

What’s better than a holiday story starring that silly old bear, Winnie the Pooh? In Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year, Rabbit plans a New Year’s Eve party, but he gets annoyed when Pooh and the others start to bother him (not that it takes much to bother Rabbit, right?). He even threatens to move away!

A MASSIVE List of Holiday Movies on Disney+! | the disney food blog (25)


Everyone makes a New Year’s resolution to change to make Rabbit happy, but things get even nuttier when Piglet takes to bouncing to conquer his fear and Pooh becomes gloomy after giving up honey and Tigger becomes unbouncy! The horror!

So there you have it — massive list of what you should add to your watch list to guarantee you’ll be in the holiday spirit! So deck the halls with Disney magic!

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What is the most Googled Disney movie? ›

Worldwide: Research reveals the world's favourite Disney film is Frozen - getting 1.9 million searches annually. With nearly 2 million annual searches, Frozen is officially named the world's favourite Disney film.

Is there any Christmas movies on Disney plus? ›

The Disney Plus library is pretty expansive, including so many of pop culture's most beloved characters, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that it also has lots of great Disney Christmas movies. Whether you're a Star Wars fanatic or Mickey Mouse–obsessed, you'll find something to love on the streamer.

Are there any new Christmas movies on Disney plus? ›

New for 2022, Disney Plus has added holiday originals like Mickey Saves Christmas, The Santa Clauses, Best in Snow, and more! You can also watch the Wonderful World of Disney Magical Holiday Celebration, The Hip Hop Nutcracker, and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special!

Is Disney doing a Christmas special? ›

ABC and Disney Parks Annual Holiday Specials 2022: See the Schedule. ABC and Disney Parks are decking the halls with holiday cheer! Derek Hough and Julianne Hough return as hosts for ABC's festive annual special "The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration," SUNDAY, NOV.

Which Disney park is best on Christmas Day? ›

Magic Kingdom at Christmas 2023. All of the parks have a beautiful charm to them in Disney during Christmas. While the other parks really do a great job with celebrating the holidays, a Magic Kingdom Christmas is unlike any other. It is our favorite and the best park at Christmas.

Is Disney cheaper during Christmas? ›

This is always when prices are the lowest and it's considered “Value Season.” The most expensive time for tickets is during the holidays, especially the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays.

Is Disney busier at Thanksgiving or Christmas? ›

How crowded is Disney World on Thanksgiving? Though Thanksgiving week is definitely considered a busy time at Disney World, it's not nearly as crowded as other times of year – like Christmas.

What Disney Christmas movie has Mickey? ›

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is a 1999 American animated Christmas anthology comedy fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.

What is Disney releasing Christmas Eve? ›

Jake Gyllenhaal's Disney movie Strange World is officially heading to Disney+ in time for Christmas. The Walt Disney Animation Studios movie will be heading to the streaming service on December 23, meaning subscribers swill be able to watch the movie on the streaming platform just in time for Christmas Eve.

What is Disney's most sold song? ›

The chart-topping 'Encanto' smash now ranks as the biggest hit from multiple generations of Disney animated films.

What Disney movie loses $100 million? ›

It was recently revealed Disney lost over $100 million on their Chris Evans starrer Lightyear. The outlet Deadline revealed that Disney around $106 million after the release of Chris Evans' Lightyear. The production's total expenses totaled $373 million, yet it only earned $267 million in revenue.

What is the oldest Disney movie? ›

99 Years of Storytelling. In 1937, Walt Disney Animation Studios released its first fully animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, pioneering a new form of family entertainment.

Who has been in the most Disney movies? ›

Jim Cummings, best known for voicing Winnie the Pooh and his friend Tigger, is the most prolific Disney voice actor of all time. The talented actor played the silly firefly Ray in The Princess and the Frog, Ed the hyena in The Lion King, and King Triton in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning.

Who is the most loved Disney? ›

Mickey Mouse

Despite the popularity of more recent characters, it is Mickey, the official mascot of the Walt Disney Company who is the most beloved. One of the world's most recognisable characters, Micky features in 23 feature films, and has been mentioned in over 10 million posts on Instagram.

Has Disney made a horror movie? ›

One of the most important horror films of the 90s was actually produced by Disney — well, a company that was owned by Disney at the time. Scream was originally produced by Miramax, which was bought by Disney in 1993, and would also go on to produce the following two sequels.

What is the old Disney Ghost movie? ›

Child of Glass is a 1978 American made-for-television family fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Productions and based upon the novel The Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard Peck.

Is Disney crowded on Christmas Day? ›

Q: Is Magic Kingdom busy on Christmas Day? A: Yes, the Magic Kingdom park is without a doubt the busiest of all four Disney parks on Christmas day. However it's simply because of how Christmas spirit up and down Main street!

What day does Disney take down Christmas? ›

This year, you can expect Magic Kingdom to be mostly decorated by November 1, 2023 and fully decorated by November 3, 2023. This is a safe assumption because many decorations will go up as Halloween decorations come down.

Is December to crowded at Disney? ›

Disney World Crowds In December

Crowds will start low (once Thanksgiving weekend has passed) and increase steadily through the month, peaking between Christmas and New Year's. While that last week is peak week, you'll need to be concerned about crowds as early as mid-month.

Is Disney worth it in December? ›

With that said, early December 2023 will remain a good time to visit thanks to weather that is typically good (albeit cold at times), with crowds that are normally moderate. It's also the best month of the year in terms of seasonal events.

What month is Disney the cheapest? ›

Within each year, January and February are the cheapest months to visit. January 9-12 and January 16 through mid-February 2023 are two relatively crowd date ranges that are cheapest. Prices spike for the week of Presidents' Day/Mardi Gras, falling again the next week–but not as low as those early-year off-season dates.

What is the busiest month at Disney World? ›

The most prolific crowds at Disney are during summer break and the winter holidays. Throughout the rest of the year, you'll find the least-crowded times on weekdays when school is in session. In my experience, January, February, and November (other than Thanksgiving week) have the lowest crowds overall.

How much should I budget for spending at Disney? ›

Using the above analysis as a guide, a good daily budget for Disney is around $233 per person per day if you are traveling as a family of four, or a total of $935 for the whole family. This figure includes theme park tickets, parking, food, and spending money, but not accommodation.

What Day is Disney most crowded? ›

A: The busiest day at The Magic Kingdom tends to always be Monday. This is because many families plan a week long vacation to Disney World, and typically receive the best deals by traveling Sunday or Monday.

Which Disney park is best for Thanksgiving? ›

Thanksgiving Day crowds are particularly bad at Magic Kingdom and Epcot–as those are the park most locals doing a trip with their families will choose–and better at both Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Is Disney full on Thanksgiving? ›

Is Disney World crowded on Thanksgiving? Absolutely, emphatically yes. Although the Central Florida resort isn't as busy for Thanksgiving as it is around Christmas and New Year's, it still gets incredibly packed, particularly on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Does Disney Plus have the Santa Clause movies? ›

The Santa Clause | Disney+

Is National Lampoon on Disney Plus? ›

Is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on Disney plus? No, unfortunately, the movie is not currently available to watch on Disney+. But, we do list several streaming sites in this article where you can watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation right now.

Is A Christmas Story on Disney Plus? ›

Is A Christmas Story on Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+? The only streaming service that offers A Christmas Story right now is HBO Max.

Is there going to be a 4th Santa Claus movie? ›

Now, over fifteen years after The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006) was released, we are finally getting to see this unique take on the Christmas mascot again with The Santa Clauses (2022).

How many Santa Clauses are there on Disney Plus? ›

There will be six episodes in total in the The Santa Clauses series. The first two episodes were released on Disney Plus on 16 November. The following episodes will be released on a weekly schedule, with new instalments set to air every Wednesday until the series finale on 14 December.

How many Santa Claus movies are there? ›

The Santa Clause 2
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape...

What is the highest ranked Christmas movie? ›

Highest grossing Christmas film series and franchises

The Santa Clause tops the list with $470.1 million and also has the best average with $156.8 million.

Where is the best place to watch Christmas movies? ›

Streaming services like Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix and Hulu have the most and best Christmas movies, like Elf (of course), all three versions of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and classics like A Christmas Story and Home Alone.

Is there a show on Disney Plus about decorating for Christmas? ›

Decorating Disney: Holiday Magic | Disney+

Does Disney own A Christmas Story? ›

In the years since, due to television airings and home video release, A Christmas Story has become widely popular and is now an annual Christmas special. The film was produced and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). The rights to the film were acquired by Turner Entertainment Co.

What channel has A Christmas Story? ›

A Christmas Story Christmas, a holiday movie starring Peter Billingsley, Erinn Hayes, and Julie Hagerty is available to stream now. Watch it on HBO Max, Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV, Redbox. or ROW8 on your Roku device.


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